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Registration for Garba - 2018
Passes will be delivered through courier only in Vadodara city limits.


Q: What is Online Registration?
A: Online Registration is the process by which the participant can register through web. Even if the person is not from Vadodara he/she can still proceed with United Way Garba Registration but it is mandatory to provide local Vadodara address for courier delivery of pass. The address where the courier will be delivered must have the ID of the participant.

Q: How much I have to pay for Online Registration?
A: Male participants have to donate Rs.3500/-. There is No refund for Male pass. Female participants have to pay Rs.700/-.

Q: Are there separate registration forms for male and female participants?
A: Yes.

Q: Where does my donation go?
A: Your donation will help United Way of Baroda to undertake activities for the poor and vulnerable in our Vadodara City. Log on to United Way of Baroda’s website for the details of the projects & programs supported.

Q: How many modes of payment are there?
A: There is online payment facility through Net banking and Credit/Debit Card.

Q: How will I get my player's pass?
A: You will get your pass delivered through courier at the address you specified in the registration form (Vadodara city limits only).

Q: Can I opt for “Cash on Delivery” on payment mode?
A: No, this option is not available..

Q: In case I do not receive the receipt after registration, how can I obtain my donation receipt?
A: You shall get the receipt immediately after registration as a pop-up on other screen which you can download or save. However, in case of some technical problem the receipt can be obtained from “My Receipt Portal” after 24 hours of registration..